Song: Paint My Sky

I wrote this song for my wife a few years ago.  I would try and explain the message behind it, but it seems that is a job best left to the lyrics.

Listen here.

Paint my sky
© 2012 by @BowlingWithEd

But you gotta know that you paint my sky,
in all the beautiful shades of colors
And you gotta see that you are in my eye,
as the apple of my wonder

Cause I see in you everything that you don’t know is so lovely
And I just want to come closer in
and hold you in my night and day dreams

Cause you are my girl, my heart,
and I get to be the one that holds you close to me
And you are the very best part of you and me – together that’s us and we
Cause you are the one who stole my heart
and i’m not leaving cause it’ll stop beating away from you
You are my moon my stars, and how you shine it blows my mind up to you

Darling I know that I’m lucky you’re in my life,
cause without you I’m half of me and maybe less
Baby I love that you are my wife,
and I’m here until my life’s final sunset


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