The Wellograph

Fashion Tech: Wellograph is the fitness watch for the boardroom

I’m an Apple fan.  Unabashedly so.  I have an iPhone, a MacBook, and a MacBook Pro.  I actually watch Apple product announcements.


I am not a blind follower.  While I am a big fan of many Apple products, I am not loyal without question.  I have a Google Chromecast because I didn’t want my entertainment options to be tied to iTunes.  I use Pro Tools instead of Logic Pro X.  I use Aperture, but I also use Photoshop.  You get the idea.

So when my initial enthusiasm about the Apple Watch collided with reality — a wrist-worn extension of my iPhone, with limited practical value, and prices ranging from $550 to more than $1,000 (for a stainless steel case), I found myself searching for something better.  I set out to find a watch that:

  • was engineered to provide practical fitness tracking;
  • didn’t need to be charged daily, or even every two or three days;
  • could withstand a dip in the pool;
  • wouldn’t be scratched by a careless knock against something;
  • looked good in the gym, and sharp in the boardroom;
  • operated independent of my iPhone and offered unique features that improved my life, rather than distracted me from it.

My search led me to the Wellograph Wellness Watch.

The Wellograph

Read the full review at Preview It | Review It.



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