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Song: Paint My Sky

I wrote this song for my wife a few years ago.  I would try and explain the message behind it, but it seems that is a job best left to the lyrics.

Listen here.

Paint my sky
© 2012 by @BowlingWithEd

But you gotta know that you paint my sky,
in all the beautiful shades of colors
And you gotta see that you are in my eye,
as the apple of my wonder
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A Song for All the Potty Trainers

The response to my post–“Why My Wife’s Job Is Harder Than Mine“–has been overwhelming and certainly has prompted a wide range of responses.  I may address some of the comments in a future post, but today is a good time for a bit of levity.

So for those of you who are potty-training children currently (or who have in the past), I’m confident you will enjoy this song.