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Something More Powerful Than Cancer

To say that cancer has “touched” us all fails to adequately describe the grabbing, twisting, tearing hands it lays upon our coworkers, our friends, our family.

To say we’ve all been “affected” by cancer doesn’t begin to express the gut-wrenching, heartrending devastation that cancer can leave in its wake.

I wrote this song for a friend that was diagnosed with cancer because I wanted my friend to remember, and I wanted to remind myself, that there is something bigger than cancer.  And because sometimes the fear that seeks to invade our soul is a much more deadly threat than anything that might attack our body.
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Song: Paint My Sky

I wrote this song for my wife a few years ago.  I would try and explain the message behind it, but it seems that is a job best left to the lyrics.

Listen here.

Paint my sky
© 2012 by @BowlingWithEd

But you gotta know that you paint my sky,
in all the beautiful shades of colors
And you gotta see that you are in my eye,
as the apple of my wonder
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