Jesus didn't die for chocolate bunnies

Jesus Didn’t Die for Chocolate Bunnies and Easter Eggs

On a weekend filled with chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs,  let’s remember the reasons Jesus suffered and died on a cross…and the reasons he didn’t.

Jesus did not die…

  • so you would never face difficult circumstances
  • so people would like your Facebook post
  • so you could get what you want, when you want
  • so you would feel respected and loved by all
  • so you–or your beliefs–could always be popular
  • so that special someone would like you back
  • so your spouse would never get cancer
  • so you would always have a job
  • so you would never feel pain
  • so you would never grow old

Jesus died, and rose…

Jesus did not die for chocolate bunnies and easter eggs.  He died for you.  Happy Easter – He is risen indeed!

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3 thoughts on “Jesus Didn’t Die for Chocolate Bunnies and Easter Eggs”

  1. That’s right! You wouldn’t think we would have to post stuff like this to remind people but sometimes we have to! good post! by the way I just stumbled across your blog as I was looking at other christian blogs – I just headed up our church’s blog and was just out browsing and wanted to say hi! stop by if you get a chance!

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